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Due to an exposure of COVID-19 to our staff We Care Behavioral Health is closed indefinitely. All clients will be able to maintain contact and support with their treatment team via telephone and tele-therapy as available, but all face to face services have been stopped immediately and will not resume until it is safe to do so. Please contact any member of your treatment team as needed throughout this shut down and we will assist as best we can. Stay well.

How We Serve You

We Care is focused on recovery and inspiration for growth. We Care provides comprehensive, integrated behavioral health that is driven by and centered on our clientele and their needs.


Our licensed clinical therapists will work with you  and follow your guidance to create a client centered plan to address your needs as you see fit. You will learn about your condition, your moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

Adult Case Management

Our case managers are held to the highest ethical and professional standards. As such, they are continually trained in the best, most up to date practices to help you meet your goals as you see fit.

Community Based Rehabilitation

Our CBR’s are held to high ethical and professional standards, just as the rest of the staff at We Care. Our CBR’s are experts in their field and are skilled in how best to meet your needs and provide the service you deserve.v

Medication Management

We Care providers not only offer assistance in meeting your medication needs, but they provide support and referrals as needed to ensure you are accessing all resources available and applicable to you.


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