Put your passion, empathy, and expertise to work in our mission to serve others

We Care Behavioral Health provides quality, compassionate mental health and substance use disorder care for our clients and their families.

Integrity is a core principle. As a company, our actions demonstrate an uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles – both with clients and with employees.

If you are interested in working for a company that cares as much about their employees as their clients, we would like to meet you.

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We Care Behavioral Health Employees Enjoy These Advantages:
• Low Caseloads • Better Pay • Medical, Dental, Vision • Flextime • Bonus Structure • PTO • EAP • Plus more

What Our Employees Say

We Care Behavioral Health is a mental health center that truly cares about both its clients and staff. We Care Behavioral Health is a service that encourages and supports mental health in all individuals. I love working for a company that truly aims to promote positive mental health experiences. Working with real people who are genuine and ready to assist has changed my work life. The relief and reinforcing belief that I am working for a company that cares about me and my family provides a security indescribable. We Care Behavioral Health works to promote an understood environment for everyone.


Working for We Care has been absolutely life changing for me. This is a company where I have been encouraged to grow professionally and my hard work has been acknowledged and rewarded. I started out in an entry level position and have worked my way through nearly every position to the one I am in today. We Care truly cares about the employees and stands out by taking action to prevent burn out and provide the best care for the staff and clients alike. We have an amazing group of kindhearted, caring individuals. Everyone strives to do their best and helps each other out so we can give the best care to our clients.


The We Care Treatment Team ensures each client is treated with dignity, respect and consistently takes those extra steps to help clients become healthy, stay healthy, obtain help, find resources, and succeed in accomplishing their goals. The staff is caring, empathetic and always willing to help one another. I truly feel like the team is making a positive difference in people’s lives. It’s a fulfilling career and the staff really go above and beyond to help one another. It may be cliché’, but it really feels like a family.


We Care cares so much about not only their clients but their employees. I love the work we do here and I'm so glad to be a part of the team.


Even though it is only my second week while employed here, I have come to appreciate and love my position at We Care. The working conditions are quite fair, the atmosphere is fun and the clients are interesting. I am quite excited to continue to work at this company.


The environment is amazing, you feel more like family than a job. Only job where the bosses actually care about your well-being. Everyone has fun at work and can laugh and have fun while you work. The help that you all offer is truly blessing.


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If you are experiencing an emergency, please reach out to your nearest 24/7/365 crisis line and we will be happy to help!